From recording the first note, to adding the final touches to your project, Perfection Studio can guide you through each step of bringing your vision to reality. Even if you’ve never done any professional recording before, we are here to help. Whether it’s recording your music, making a music video or perfecting your album artwork, we’ll put together a team of professionals who will give you stunning results and be there to answer your questions every step of the way. Each project is different, so email us or give us a call for a free consultation.


Complete Album Production - from concept to completion. We coordinate the whole thing including producing, hiring of musicians and singers, scheduling the studio time, CD manufacturing, we handle it all so you don't have to worry.

Recording Studio in Boston


Have you completed recording the instruments for your songs?
Perfection Studio engineer can help you get the best sound out of your tracks.

Recording Studio in Boston


Your CD is not really ready for duplication until it is mastered. This is the final process that smoothes out the rough edges and makes all of the songs sound consistent. It is a process that makes the loud spikes less loud, the softest passages more audible, it evens out the EQ from one song to the next. This is the process that makes it so you don't have to reach for your CD player in your car to make an adjustment when going from one song to the next. Mastering makes your CD ready to take to the market and gets it ready for airplay.

Recording Studio in Boston

House Engineers

We have extremely talented engineers on hand who will keep your session running smoothly. They will help you fine tune your music and transform it into a commercial CD that can be sold for big profits.

Recording Studio in Boston

Booking Musicians

We have been making records and demos since 1995. We have an extensive list of top-notch musicians that will take your songs and mold them into works of art with blinding efficiency. You will be getting the best players money can buy.


If you haven't already noticed, we have some mega talented songwriters here at Best Built Songs and go figure...They love to write!  So, if you're in the market for a jingle, whether it be for radio or television, we have exactly what you need.  Call the office today to find out our rates and to meet with our writers.


Being in Boston we have access to excellent, professional CD designers who will take your ideas and use their expertise to design an artistic statement that will sell CD's.

CD Manufacturing Discounts

Perfection Studio is a partner with Disc Makers who manufacture CD's nationally. If you mention that you were referred to them by the Perfection Studio in Boston, you will get hooked up with any special promotions and discounts that they reserve for their partner studio clients!


Perfection Studio is now accepting applications for Fall Internships! If you are currently in an accredited program or recently graduated from schools such as Berklee Colege of Music, Full Sail, etc, and need to fulfill your requirements to obtain your degree, then we would love to meet with you.

As an intern with Perfection Studio you will be actively involved in setting up and breaking down sessions, client services, and the opportunity to sit in on real world sessions.  If your interested in working with one of the busiest Recording Studios in Boston and obtain hands on experience then please email to